Verified Companies

Name of companyGradeField of activityRankingExpire DateValidation descriptionSummary of the Report
Medisa Novin PayeshGoldTrader

Banking Credit:90.6%

Gold: 50%

Export/Import: 60%

Reliability:  86%

March-24ISCC/Saman Bank 
GoldTrader Aug 2024ISCC 
K Plus ParsGoldManufacturer Aug 2024ISCC 
Tak MakaronGoldManufacturer

Gold: 81%

Export/Import: 85%

Reliability:  86%

Aug 2024ISCC 
Dr. Akhavi LaboratoryGoldManufacturer

Gold: 65%

Export/Import: 100%

Reliability:  96% 

Aug 2024ISCC 
Pouyan Pardazesh TehranValidityTrader

Banking Credit:74.7%

Reliability:  70%

 Aug 20234ISCC/Saman Bank  
 Azaran Elm Net Validity Trader Reliability:  52% Nov-22 ISCC 
 Moshanir Goldcontracting companyGold: 50% Nov-22 ISCC 
Gostaresh Fanavari  Export/ImportTrader

Export/Import: 50%

Reliability:  70.9

Exon Agro Industrial DevelopmentGoldTrader March-23ISCC 
Jame’e Social Studies InstituteValidityNon Commercial Institute June 2023ISCC 
ARDDARAN(P.J.S.C.) ValiditymanufacturerReliability: 89 %Nov-22ISCC View


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