Essential oils, resins, perfumes, cosmetics or toiletries

HS code 33 including; essential oils, Blends of fragrances, cosmetics for skin care, hair care products, oral health products, and products for correction.

In an interview in 1398, the head of the Food and Drug Administration stated that consumption per capita of cosmetics in Iran is 2.5 times above the global average, the consumption culture of Iranian women causes such cases. However, the existence of such a capacity has led to a large amount of imports of these products from around the world, especially from Switzerland. These items are imported from Switzerland through two HS codes with a higher amount than the others,

 1)HS code, 3302, which is related to mixtures of aromatic substances.

2)HS code, 3304, which is related to beauty products.


Essential oils

Edible essential oils are essential oils that have a strong odor, these essential oils are often used for flavoring and aromatization, which can be used in various types of beverages, etc. A variety of essential oils are also used to create fragrances and fragrances in cosmetics.


Beauty and cosmetic products

In addition to luxury watches, another of Switzerland's largest exports is the skin care industry. These products include: lip make-up, eye make-up, nail and hand and foot make-up and make-up powders.



In 2019, the total volume of exports of these products from Switzerland was equal to 3,731,343 thousand dollars and the total volume of imports of these products to this country was equal to 1,464,633 thousand dollars, in other words, it exports about 3 times as much as imports. Most of its exports are to countries such as Germany, France, China, Korea and Italy and Iran is the 36th country among the

The map below shows the amount of Swiss exports to countries around the world.


(Source: Trademap)

Another important point is the import of this chapter's products in Iran. According to statistics taken from the trade map site, in 2019, Iran imported a total of 512,475 thousand dollars from this category of products and had the highest imports from India, UAE, Turkey, Germany, France and Switzerland. The map below shows the amount of imports of these products by Iran from countries around the world.



(Source: Trademap)

As can be seen from this map, Switzerland has 2.8% of the volume of exports to Iran.

 Global consumption of cosmetics in 2019 was 62527366 thousand dollars and the largest consumers of these products were China, the United States, Singapore, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Top cosmetics companies in Switzerland