Machinery, mechanical equipment, nuclear reactors, boilers and segments

Imports of machinery in various fields in Iran have a high value compared to other goods, although only a few items of this chapter have been exported from Iran to Switzerland, many of them are goods that can be imported from Switzerland to Iran. Chapter 84 summarizes: Nuclear reactors, other steam and hot water coolers and their auxiliaries, air or water gas generators, steam turbines, types of engines and related components These include hydraulic turbines, turbojets, pumps, air compressors, air conditioners, fuel burners, stoves and ovens, refrigerators and freezers; Machines, centrifuges, dishwashers, etc. are among the most important items mentioned in this chapter.

The important import HS codes, imported from Switzerland, which was worth over $ 400,000 in 2019, are: pump liquids, food industry machinery, textile fiber making machinery, machinery and equipment. He mentioned aids for jacquards, automated data processing machines, dishwashers, taps, and dryers. A brief description of these goods are mentioned.

Fuel pump

Fuel pumps are one of the main equipment of gas stations. A hydraulic pump is required to transport and distribute fuel products at fuel stations. The hydraulic system continues from the fuel tank buried in the ground to deeper ground. In general, each fuel station is composed of many components, one of which is fuel pumps, these pumps are generally divided into two categories. 1- Suction pumps 2- Non-suction pumps which are also called dispenser correction.

  • Self-priming pumps

This type of pump performs the suction process through the pump electromotor, the use of this type of pump is almost obsolete for several reasons. 1- High depreciation 2- Gas lock in the suction path, especially in tropical areas. This type is used only for small and one-sided stands.

  • Dispenser pumps

Their structure is similar to the previous type, except that this type of pump does not have an electric motor pump. In this system, the fuel is sucked into the tank by the central submersible pump and then goes to the dispenser using a pipeline. This model is more suitable for stands with a higher number of platforms. The components of these pumps are generally: rotary siphon, dispenser safety valve, meter, pulse, totalizer, electric object, hose and nozzle.


Pressure reducing valves

Based on the tariff line, these valves include two groups:

  • regulators for liquefied gas cylinders.
  • other pressure reducing valves.

As the name implies, their main function is to reduce the high and variable inlet pressure and bring it to a low and constant outlet pressure.

  • Regulators epically for liquefied gas cylinders

As mentioned, a pressure regulator is a device that reduces the gas pressure to a constant and lower pressure. This type of regulators has different types, such as: 1- screw regulator 2- pressure regulator, which is given below as an example of pressure regulators.



  • Other pressure relief valves

Pressure reducing valves are used for different types of fluids. For example, steam pressure relief valves have the task of reducing the steam pressure to a small and constant level, there are several types of these valves, including:

1) Direct acting Pressure Reducing Valve

This type of valve has a simple operation and is used in cases where very precise steam control is not required.

2)  Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve

These types of valves are used for cases where precise steam control is required.


Swiss textile machinery

There are many types of textile machinery. Such as circular knitting

machines, warp knitting machines, automatic weaving machines, etc.

Switzerland has a long and acceptable history in the field of these machines. "The textile industry is one of the most important industries in Switzerland, where most of its products are exported, and despite all the crises, Switzerland has been able to maintain its position in international markets," said the Marketing and Public Relations Manager of the Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce.  Ritter is one of the companies producing these machines in Switzerland.



In 2019, in the fifth row, the largest share of Iran's imports from Switzerland are the equipment of this part. In total, Iran has imported 9,189,000 from this chapter. Among the tariffs in this sector, the highest amount was related to nuclear reactors with a figure equal to 1394 thousand dollars. It is noteworthy in this regard that in the same year Iran had a total of 22,147,6767 thousand imports from this chapter from around the world, of which the largest import was related to compressors or pumps.

In 2019, China, Germany, the United States, France and Japan had the largest volume of exports in the world of machinery related to this season to the whole world. The largest exporting countries are shown in the chart below


(Source: Trademap)

Switzerland also exported 21,124,440,000 $ worldwide this year, with the largest exports to countries such as Germany, the United States, China, France and Italy. Iran, meanwhile, ranks 101st in terms of the value of imports of goods from Switzerland.

Top manufacturers of Swiss textile machinery