Optical, photographic, video, measuring

This chapter covers many commodities. Some of the most important ones include: optical fibers and optical fiber bundles, lenses, prisms, mirrors and other optical elements, glasses and frames for glasses, binoculars and telescopes, cameras, projectors and microscopes, microscopes, navigation compasses, devices Used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences, as well as scintigraphy devices, other electrical devices, mechanotherapy devices, orthopedic devices, etc. And its HS code is 90.

Among these, the highest amount of imports in terms of value in 2019 is related to orthopedic equipment and equipment needed in medicine, surgery, dentistry or veterinary medicine.

Orthopedic devices

The orthopedic supplies market in Europe is a dynamic and a growing market. Orthopedic devices are used to compensate for defects in the body and include: armpits, hernias and surgical belts, etc., they are used for therapeutic or corrective functions.

Artificial joints

Artificial joints are designed to replace painful areas, arthrosis, etc. to allow movement for the joint. For example, for knees, elbows, thighs and etc. These products have special standards for quality and packaging in the European Union. Among these cases, we can mention the need to register a label on the product with specifications such as name or brand, manufacturer's address, etc. In the packaging section, the packaging of the goods must be done according to ISO standards.

In Iran, depending on the type of equipment for importing these goods, there are many standards. Which is from the time of delivery of the goods to the buyer in order to check that it is free from any defects, to warehousing, moving and cleaning.




In 2019, Iran had a figure equivalent to 28019 thousand dollars of imports from the total goods of this chapter, and these products are ranked third among the goods of Iran imported from Switzerland.

The countries exporting these products to the world are: America (90,783,407 thousand dollars), Germany (78,583,407 thousand dollars), China (73,007,586 thousand dollars) and in the twelfth row is Switzerland with 17,162,938 thousand dollars. Given that the total value of exports of these products in the world is equal to 610868990 thousand dollars, and thus Switzerland has 2.8% of the total share of world exports. Therefore, this shows that Switzerland has a high capacity in this area. The largest importers of these equipment in 2019 are: China, USA, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, etc., respectively. Iran is ranked 46th among the importers of these products. The chart below shows the largest importers of these products in terms of commodity value (Source: https://www.trademap.org/)


The important point is the amount of Swiss exports and imports in this section, in the same year, Switzerland exported a total of 21,835,802 thousand dollars and imported 3,815,251 thousand dollars from all over the world.

The map below shows the export of these products from Switzerland to other countries, based on this, the highest amount of exports are to countries such as China, America, Japan, England, etc. As can be seen from this map, Iran and most of the countries in this region are shown in purple. This means that they have only 1% or less of the import of this product from Switzerland.

(Source: Trademap)


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